All About Compensation for Injured Workers

Gus Vincent Soto, of Soto & Tharpe Attorneys at Law is a workers compensation attorney in Orlando, Florida. A devoted advocate for his injured clients, Soto has handled countless personal injury and workers compensation cases over the course of his career. In these articles, he explains what steps people need to take if they are ever injured on the job.

How Are Workers Compensation Lawyers Paid?

Workers compensation lawyers are generally paid on a contingent basis, which means they do not earn any fees unless they win an award for their clients. This saves injury victims money and it provides an incentive for the attorneys to work hard.

Can I Receive Wage Loss Benefits After I Return to Work?

Yes, people who are still temporarily disabled even after returning to work can receive temporary benefits until their doctors decide that they have reached maximum medical improvement. This could take days, weeks, or even longer in some cases.

When Are Injured Workers Entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation

Injured workers should be entitled to vocational rehabilitation whenever they need to be trained in another field due to an injury that prevents them from working in their previous occupation. Unfortunately, this program was not funded in Florida's most recent budgets and it is not current available.