Why Hire Soto & Tharpe Attorneys At Law

1. We care about our clients. We are not a personal injury or slip and fall firm with hundreds of attorneys. We care about you not how much we can make off your case.  We realize a workers' compensation injury can be one of the most stressful events of your life.  The last thing you need is an impersonal law firm where you are just another number.

2. We will return your calls.  We want you to call us!  It will make handling your case easier.  You will have the attorney's direct number and their e-mail address to help you stay in close contact. No appointments are necessary to speak to us about your case. If you have a question or concern, we can answer it that same day

3. We use a team approach to handling workers' compensation cases.  A minimum of two attorneys will always be familiar with your case. Your case will not sit because an attorney is in trial or on vacation.

4. We will explain things in an easy to understand, common sense way.  Too often, lawyers try to make things more complicated than they are, just to impress clients. Not with us. We want you to understand everything that is happening in your case so you can make good decisions. 

5. Your case will always be handled by a partner. No inexperienced associates cutting their teeth on your case!

6. You will love our paralegals. We hire former insurance adjusters that know how insurance companies think. They are invaluable in preparing your case for settlement or trial.

7. We understand the financial difficulties that an injury can cause. We are always willing to write letters to creditors, banks, etc. And, we write great letters. Words are the tools of our trade.

8. We know the doctors you are going to treat with.  We know who is sympathetic and who is only interested in pleasing the insurance company. We can guide you through your medical care.

9. We will deal with the adjuster or rehabilitation nurse.  No more dealing with surly individuals who are not interested in your health or economic situation.